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Chris Reed

Chris Reed, has been working in education since 2006 and still takes the time and care to curate each and every program to fit the needs of the individual community. 
      His unwavering dedication to his students awarded him an "Emerging Artist of Silicon Valley" Grant in 2013.  
    "Mr. Chris"  (as his students like to refer to him) is always looking for new and fun ways to help his students grow and is constantly writing new plays, musicals and compositions for them to be a part of (as seen here):
     Chris has written more than 350+ songs and received recognition world wide from radio stations and networks like MTV. He has toured South America and Europe as a singer-songwriter, and has lead 8 west coast tours writing, directing and staring in original musicals at K-8 Schools and churches. 

Ms. Ariana

Santa Clara University graduate, Ariana Cvitanic is a certified Yoga instructor and a passionate teacher of meditation and mindfulness. After graduating, Ariana moved to the south of France and taught English to preschoolers and elementary school students  for a school year. Her travel bug still itching, she went to complete her Yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia.

Ms. Ari

Mr. Anthony

Ms. Ari began playing flute in fifth grade. She participated in high school and college marching band, SJYS flute choir, West Valley Symphonic Orchestra, and SJSU Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Over the past 4 years, she has helped at 10 schools ranging from K-12 and marching band.

Ms. Leanne

LeAnn is a Bay Area native, and has a passion for the arts. After performing in numerous shows for most of her life all over the bay area, she has directed and assisted with musical theatre productions behind the scenes and is most passionate about dance and vocal performance. She is always looks forward to seeing what each group of students are capable of bringing to the stage, and to life!"

Mr. Brendan

Brendan is a multi-instrumentalist from San Jose, who has been teaching sax, clarinet, flute, piano, trumpet, and trombone from the ages of 6 to 18 for 6 years. He regularly plays and writes music all over the Bay Area spanning genres from salsa, jazz and reggae to indie and electronic music.

Anthony is an experienced San Jose musician with a well rounded background in all the band instruments. He spent multiple years learning and leading sections on Flute, different types of battery, many brass instruments like the Tuba, Bass trombone and French Horn. 
Aside from being the section leader in a handful of bands, Anthony has lead multiple tours working with a wide range students from Elementary School to College. Most recently, he toured as the head Drum major for Vanguard Cadets leading more then a 100 person section.

Miss Sam

Miss Sam is a Bay Area actor and teaching artist.  She began her career with a year-and-a-half touring the US, Canada, and Southeast Asia with the Missoula Children’s Theatre, followed by over two years teaching and performing with the California Theatre Center in Sunnyvale.  When she is not in the classroom, you can find her leading hands-on field trips with History San Jose or facilitating Improv-based workshops in state prisons with the Red Ladder Theatre Company.  Sam loves getting to work with young performers, sharing theatre as a tool for learning life skills and creating positive personal and cultural change.

Mr. Ray

Bay Are native, Raymond, began teaching band in 2015. Having started on Clarinet as a child, he passionately taught himself to play Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Percussion and his personal favorite Ukulele.  Excited by all the gifts music has to offer the world, Raymond enthusiastically brings his years of experience and his artistic passion to every band session he leads.